Chicago Medical Society President Dr. Vemuri S. Murthy welcoming members and guests at the Annual Holiday Reception

Chicago IL: The Chicago Medical Society held the Annual Holiday Reception on Thursday, December 6, 2018 at The Standard Club in Chicago. This festive Medical Society tradition allows members and guests to relax and, for newcomers, it provides a friendly welcome to the Organization.
Dr. Vemuri S. Murthy, President of the Chicago Medical Society and the Executive Committee welcomed the members and honored guests. Several CEOs, Deans and Other Executives of the Chicago area Medical Schools and Hospitals attended the colorful event besides a number of distinguished community leaders.
Founded in 1850, the Chicago Medical Society is one of the oldest and largest medical societies in the United States. The Society advocates for 17000 Chicagoland physicians and their 5 million patients. The Society has a track record of improving public health locally and has ongoing community programs including CPR training (Project SMILE ,”Saving More Illinois Lives through Education”). The members have the opportunity to learn about trends in the practice of medicine through committee participation, policy development, educational seminars and publications. In addition, the members enjoy networking opportunities, membership services, and grassroots political advocacy. — Asian Media USA

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