CGH Earth introduces personalised handmade holidays

CGH Earth introduces personalised handmade holidays. — IANS

New Delhi, July 12 (IANSlife) CGH Earth Experience Hotels, who are widely regarded as the forerunners of responsible tourism in the area, recently introduced vacation specialists for summer travellers looking to explore destinations and destination experiences based on their preferences, authentically and consciously, or even just wanting a relaxing vacation.

“The intent is to support our guests who may not have the luxuries of time to research on their interests and those of other family members but desire to immerse themselves into the meaningful and rejuvenating travel experiences. All our properties are a celebration of local cultures, art, architecture, cuisine, communities as well as the environment,” comments Mridula Jose, Vice President of Product Development and Marketing at CGH Earth.

Travellers who complete a brief and easy form on the brand website are allocated to trained personal vacation consultants. Travellers just need to choose the property or places that appeal to them depending on the kinds of experiences they are looking for. Travellers can make this decision easier by referring to the descriptions of experiences displayed next to each property. After choosing the houses and filling out the form, CGH’s qualified staff will get in touch with visitors to create a flawlessly unique summer itinerary.

Travellers can choose from a variety of locations, activities, and landscapes, such as discovering the Nilgiri’s hidden forest life at Wayanad, taking in spice plantations close to the Periyar Tiger Reserve, experiencing Fort Kochi’s iconic history through landmark boutique hotels and a royal palace, taking part in Kerala backwater cruises and coconut groves along the Malabar shores, discovering cultural hotspots in Chettinad and Kumbakonam, or falling in love with the waters and the island of the Andamans.

This initiative by CGH Earth Experience Hotels also includes intriguing packages and offers with various permutations and combinations of the brand’s unique offerings. The offers are valid for stay dates till 30th September 2023.

The brand has won many accolades for its sustainability initiatives and is deeply involved in enhancing the state’s responsible rural tourism narrative.

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