CG deserves respect


By Dr. Ajay Das
Via e-mail

I am writing this with reference to the opinion — Indian Consulate — then and now — of Krishna Bhagwan published in India Tribune dated October 2.
Even though Krishna Bhagavan had the good intention of comparing the Chicago Indian Consulate services with the time period from 28 years ago, he should have the courtesy to address the new honorable Consul General replacing Ashok Kumar Attri, not by a lighter tone saying  “I noticed to my dismay that some lady has replaced our beloved Consul General Ashok Kumar Attri.” This is a total disrespect expressed by a graduate from Notre Dame. For the kind information of Krishna Bhagavan, the new honorable Consul General  is Mrs. Mukta Dutta Tomar, and she comes with highly praised and much respected background, which may cast shadows on her predece- ssors.

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