Centre will be forced to control inflation after Rahul’s ‘Halla Bol’ rally: Baghel

New Delhi, Sep 4 (IANS) Lashing out at the BJP-led government over rising prices of essential commodities, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel on Sunday said that Centre would be forced to take steps to control inflation after Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Halla Bol’ rally like they withdrew the three ‘black’ farm laws.
He said that the Congress has always worked in the interest of farmers, labourers and poor people and with this rally the party is trying to corner the Centre on the issue of inflation and unemployment.
“Rahul Gandhi has always fought for the rights of farmers, labourers and poor. He has now given the slogan ‘Halla Bol’ to attack the Centre on price rise. Unfortunately, instead of controlling the rising inflation, the Centre has always tried to stop Rahul Gandhi from raising the voice of the common people,” he said while addressing the “Halla Bol” rally against inflation.
Hitting out at the Centre for calling free services to poor as ‘revdi culture’, the chief minister said when the Congress governments waive off farmers’ loans, provide free treatment to lakhs of poor, provide free rations to the underprivileged and talks about the welfare of the poor, those in Centre term it as ‘revdi’.
“When UPA-led central government waived off farmers loan worth Rs 70,000 crore, the BJP called it ‘revdi’. But when BJP waives off lakhs of crores of loans of big industrialists, it should be called ‘rabdi’.”
He added that the Congress respects hard work whereas the BJP always disrespects it. “On one side, inflation is rising continuously and on the other side, the income of the people is decreasing. It has put more pressure on the common person who is already under a lot of pressure due to the rise in prices,” he maintained, adding that the Centre always had to step back whenever Rahul Gandhi has raised his voice in support of common people.
The Congress on Sunday launched an all-out attack on the BJP government over price rise, unemployment and the GST hike on essential items with a big show of strength at Ramlila Maidan here.

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