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Each celebrity has her own style of keeping her body and mind trim and cool. While Shilpa Shetty ties a waist belt and exercises, Kareena Kapoor does 50 Surya Namaskars a day, Kangana Ranaut meditates, and Padma Lakshmi has sumptuous breakfast.

Haven’t you always wondered how Bollywood beauties look their best all the time? They go through crazy shooting schedules, long flights to different locations, and a zillion parties, shows and rehearsals for TV ads, among other things! Yet, they look good and never seem to lose their cool. Wonder how they do that?
We put together fitness tips from all the celebs you adore.
Shilpa Shetty: Does a waist check!
She has a body to die for! What does she do to maintain it? She ties a waist belt! The sexy actor has a silver chain going around her waist. Whenever she feels it riding up, she knows its time to be more  vigilant about her regime. This “belt” will automatically tell you that it is time to resist the temptation or pack in those extra crunches.
The belle, who is envied for an athletic body, claims she used to be fitter about two years back when she used to play more sport like — basketball, baseball and badminton — phew! Now we know what gave her the toned body we all dream of! She still plays badminton or any other sport she can whenever she finds time.
Moral of the story: Take up a sport! It gives you a full body workout, increases your stamina and instills sportsman spirit in you. What more could you ask for?
Kareena Kapoor: Does 50 Surya Namaskars a day!
Kareena Kapoor has a lot to thank Ashtanga yoga and Surya Namaskars in particular for her talked- about size zero figure. She does up to 50 Surya Namaskars a day and Kapalbhati up to 1,000 times. Surya Namaskars are a combination of 11 yoga poses done in continuation. If done in quick successions, even 20 of them can burn up to 278 calories.
Kapaalbhati is a breathing exercise wherein you breathe in slowly and exhale with force. Push your diaphragm out when you inhale and pull it in when you inhale. Kapaalbhati not only de-stresses you, but also gives you glowing skin  other than toning your abs. Go slow when you start with this one. You may wear out your body soon if you attempt too many Surya Namaskars at one go — especially if you are a beginner. Increase the number of reps gradually.
Kangana Ranaut: Meditates!
Kangana has come a long way from Gangster to winning a national award for Fashion to bag a role in the much-talked about Kites. So how does she keep stress away? It’s meditation. In an interview, she said, she would recommend meditation to all her colleagues. Just about 15 minutes of meditation helps one think clearer and keeps stress at bay. So give it a try and feel the difference.
Padma Lakshmi: Breakfast within one hour of waking up.
“I cannot workout unless I have fuel in my tank,” Lakshmi was quoted as saying in a recent interview. Breakfast clearly is the most important meal of the day. It comes straight from the Top Chef herself!
Our body has not been replenished for nearly eight hours. So, when we wake up, we need to provide it with something that can help provide it energy like a combination of carbs and proteins. Studies say that people, who ate a sumptuous breakfast, ate lesser throughout the day as compared to those who did not.

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