Care needs of senior citizens


This makes medical decisions much complicated. 

Fifthly, with very little possibilities for cultural adaptation at this age, these older adults regularly experience conflicts with their children and grandchildren on cultural values and norms.  Sixthly, it is not unusual that siblings willingly or forcefully take their turn to host their parents for temporary periods, to elevate care-giving burden on any one person.

Nonetheless, it creates more problems for the older parents because they are constantly shifted from house to house, place to place, and region to region. At their age it is not easy for them to make such sudden transitions, and many of them suffer from adjustment disorder. Once they are somewhat adjusted to one place, it is time for them to move to another. 

And last of all, with culturally imposed filial duty to care for older parents, the working Asian Indian immigrant finds it difficult to effectively care for their older parents. This can elevate their stress level and create new situations of relational conflicts with the parents as well as with other family members.

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