Canada Police’s ‘most-violent gangster’ list features nine Indian-origin men

New Delhi, Aug 4 (IANS) The police in Canada have issued a public warning identifying 11 men, including nine of Indian origin, linked to extreme levels of gang violence.
The Indian origin criminals named in the list are — Shakiel Basra (28), Amarpreet Samra (28), Jagdeep Cheema (30), Ravinder Sarma (35), Barinder Dhaliwal (39) Andy St. Pierre (40) Gurpreet Dhaliwal (35) Richard Joseph Whitlock (40), Amroop Gill (29), Sukhdeep Pansal (33) and Sumdish Gill (28).
The police in Canada have urged people to maintain distance with them. The warning was issued by the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of British Columbia (CFSEU-BC), along with Vancouver Police and BC Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
“A public safety warning has been issued in partnership with @VancouverPD @BCRCMP identifying 11 individuals who pose a significant threat to public safety due to their ongoing involvement in gang conflicts and connection to extreme levels of violence #endganglife,” the Canadian authority tweeted along with a poster featuring the 11 ‘most-violent gangsters’.
The police said these 11 criminals pose danger to everyone as their rivals can taget them at any time.
Meninder Dhaliwal, a dreaded gangster with roots in Punjab, was recently gunned down by his rivals in Canada, which prompted the authorities to release the poster of criminals whom the general public should avoid at all times.

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