Canada issues warrants against 2 in Indian call centre scams

Toronto, Dec 3 (IANS) Canadian police are hunting for two men in connection with the Indian call centre scams targeting Canadians. Warrants have been issued against Vimal Shrestha, 41, and Bindisha Joshi, 41, who have probably fled Canada, according to the police.
The two men have been charged with fraud of over $5,000, possession of proceeds of crime and laundering the proceeds of crime.
The warrants against them followed a two-year-long investigation into Indian call centre scams in which callers duped Canadians by posing as representatives of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), police, banks and tech companies.
The police said that call centre frauds have cost Canadians over $34 million since 2014.
In October, arrest warrants were issued against 22-year-old Indian Naman Grover for working as a ‘money mule’ for call centre scamsters. Grover too seems to have fled Canada.
According to the police, despite raids by the Indian police on illegal call centres and arrests in Canada, scamsters continue to target Canadians.
“The serious criminal charges that the two accused are facing sends a clear message: International borders will not cloak offenders with immunity from apprehension and prosecution,” said the police.

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