Cameron appeals for new trade links with India


Bangalore: British Prime Minister David Cameron appealed on July 28 for a new relationship between India and Britain, arguing closer ties could spark both economies, as London agreed for the first time to allow the export of nuclear technology to India.

Cameron was leading a huge delegation of Cabinet Mini-sters and business leaders intended to send the unmistakable message his new government considers India a vital partner.

Cameron brought with him six Government Ministers, about 50 leaders of some of Britain’s largest companies, Olympic gold medalists and academics.

Cameron said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had “personally provided great intellectual leadership in economic matters” at the recent G-20 Summit.

“That is why the time has come for India to take the seat it deserves at the UN Security Council,” he said.

He began his visit in the southern city of Bangalore, where officials signed an agreement for India to buy 57 Hawk advanced trainer jets trainer from Britain.

In Mumbai, Treasury Chief George Osborne rang the opening bell at the Bombay Stock Exchange, declaring- “We are here to declare Britain open for business with you.”

Cameron’s decision to visit India so soon after taking office has sent a strong message of the value he places on the relationship between the two countries.

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