Callousness, greed responsible for bridge collapse, not tech: IIT-D experts

New Delhi, Nov 6 (IANS)
Experts at IIT Delhi believe that the main reason behind accidents such as bridge collapses is not a technical fault but it’s due to human negligence and greed.
Experts say that reliable and modern technology is available in the country to build bridges and flyovers. However, such accidents happen when technical aspects are ignored.
On October 30, nearly 135 people died while over 170 injured in Gujarat’s Morbi town when a suspension bridge over the Machchhu river collapsed. Earlier in West Bengal, an incident of collapse of an under-construction bridge had come to the fore. Even at that time, there were serious allegations of negligence in construction work.
T.R. Sreekrishnan, Deputy Director, IIT Delhi, said that the failure of technology or lack of technology is not at all the reason for the collapse of the Morbi bridge or other such accidents.
According to Sreekrishnan, India has the best technology available for construction. All that is needed for good construction is that the existing technology is properly implemented. “Accidents like Morbi are the result of human greed and carelessness. Lack of technology cannot be blamed for this,” he asserted.
“If the construction or renovation work is done while following all the rules and regulations, then such accidents would not happen,” he added.
According to the information, Morbi Municipality had entrusted the repair and maintenance of the bridge to a private company named ‘Oreva Group’ for 15 years. The company is accused of negligence in maintenance and nine people have been so far arrested.
Investigation revealed that out of Rs 2 crore allotted for the renovation of the Morbi bridge, the company had spent only Rs 12 lakh.

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