Broken laws and rules


By Vinay
Via e-mail
In our daily lives, we come across several laws and rules that seem to be designed in such a way that they force people to break them, despite the fact that is not what a person likes to do.

Some examples:
(a) For persons returning to India from abroad, the current rules specify a duty-free allowance of goods worth Rs.25,000 per person, plus a laptop. Almost every passenger brings in goods worth more than this amount, even if they are just chocolates and gifts for family and friends. The customs officers also know this, and hence do not stop persons from doing so. Most passengers state in the immigration form that they are bringing in goods of value less than Rs.25,000, thus causing the law to be broken each and every time.

(b) Another example is of traffic lights at major junctions across Mumbai city being kept on throughout the night. Most motorists ignore the lights, and drive through the red signals , with the attendant risk that the few motorists who may be following the traffic lights could get into accidents, as they expect others to be following the traffic lights as well.

Such laws should either be modified and made more practical or discarded. If it’s not easy to figure out what is the practical level, then the laws should be enforced strictly for a period of time, so that citizen feedback will suggest an appropriate solution.

Please make a list of such  laws and rules, which are often broken, and forward them to  the concerned government authorities. They may modify these laws and rules so that people may not feel guilty of flouting them.

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