Bridal Look: Indian Brides Going Experimental

December 21, 2010 : The Bridal Look has undergone quite a lot of transformation over the years. The modern bride is far more experimental than her earlier counterparts in terms of going into far more broader horizons of choosing the ultimate bridal wear for the D day.

The Indian bride has a lot going for her in terms of modern concepts that have come into the lime light. Right from the color of the outfit, to the fitting of the entire outfit considering the corset fit, the body hugging silhouette and also the perfectly stylized blouse in the corset.

The modern Indian bride has a variety of outfits to choose from .From picking up the traditional lehenga Choli to the indo- western style bridal wear the sky is the limit with colors going from dark maroon to light pastels, depending entirely on individual preferences. Gone are the days when the demure bride had to stick to only reds, moroons and greens. Room has been created for various shades of pretty pinks, blues, sea greens and a host of pale white outfits, all embellished with extremely intricate works of embroidery to give it a classic look.

Brides have also gone far ahead in choosing great lingerie for the D day. Cute lacy low cut panties with matching bras are totally in vogue as are fancy low cut corsets that enhance the body to make it look perfectly carved.

The lehenga also has some very modern cuts with the choice of a fish tail, pleated silhouettes and A – line skirt fits making the bride look something a character straight out of a fairytale romance. The dupatta with intricately embroidered border and fish net work is also quite a rage amongst new brides going into wedlock the traditional way. So if you’re one of those waiting to decide on your D day outfit- come on get experimental!

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