Breathtaking stunt in air


Austria: An Austrian skydiver pulled off a breathtaking stunt when he somersaulted from the wing of one glider to another — 6,000 feet above the ground at 100 mph. First, Paul Steiner crawled from the cockpit of one glider above the Austrian Alps, then flipped under the wing to land on the second aircraft flying below.
He then walked back to the main body of the plane and reached up to grab the second glider on the tail fin that by this time was flying upside down — forming a living bridge between the two planes.
The whole stunt took more than a year to plan, with intensive training not just for the parachutist but also for the two pilots — for whom a slight change in wind conditions could have meant both planes crashing together.
Steiner, who has over 3,000 jumps and extreme sports actions to his name, said: “As long as I am fit enough I want to carry on — its like an addiction.”

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