Branded or not…

By Sonal Sher

How much money are youngsters willing to shell out when they go out to shop?

The great thing about an open market is that it’s left to the buyers to decide what they want to buy and sometimes how much money they would like to shell out.

As a result, while you may not be able to afford an expensive pair of designer jeans, you will certainly be able to find a great imitation for less than half the price.
With street fashion evolving, buying from streets is no longer a taboo.

And with so much available and at a variety of prices, what are the items that people still prefer buying from a store? What are the purchase decisions made by youngsters when it comes to clothes and accessories?

A pair of jeans is as essential to the wardrobe as salt is to food. And many women prefer to buy them from a store. “When it comes to jeans, I prefer branded ones because they offer a wide range of fits and also keeps pace with the dynamic trends in the fashion world,” says Charlotte, a student of Mount Carmel College.

“I always prefer branded jeans because they fit better and are a good investment for a long term,” says Shruti, a student.

While the fashion-conscious people say that the fit is extremely important, some others beg to differ.

“When it comes to branded stuff, I prefer t-shirts. A branded t-shirt would cost me around Rs. 500, whereas a pair of jeans would easily cost around Rs. 2,000. So I just buy the cheaper, sasta-tikau ones,” says Chaitanya, a marketing professional. 

For a lot of young people, who are not always loaded with money, the decision to buy branded ones is related to the wear and tear factor of the item.

“I generally choose only branded ones when it comes to shoes because they last longer,” says Rahul, a student.

“I prefer branded sportswear because the material provides better comfort and there are more choices when it comes to hues and fitting,” says Charlotte.

And in this race, fancy tops and t-shirts are left behind. “The kurtis and t-shirts are cheaper if bought from the street. Also, since you don’t wear them everyday, it’s better to buy a lot of them for the same price I would pay for one top at a branded store,” says Shruti. 

“For cosmetics, girls do prefer branded stuff as certain local ones can have repercussions that one wouldn’t want to face,” says Charlotte.

But all the talk about brands aside, there are people, who don’t take clothes that seriously.

“Normally, I don’t prefer branded clothes at all. I don’t think that clothes make a man,” says Rahul.

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