Bracelets the bigger, the better

Broad bracelets in gold, diamond, wood and metal are in vogue. Flaunted by Hollywood star Nicole Kidman, singer Rihanna and Bollywood actors Lara Dutta and Sushmita Sen, they have caught the fancy of socialites and college students alike in India.
After belts, purses and anklets became an important part of the wardrobe of fashionistas, it’s the turn of broad bracelets. Also called broad cuffs, they are fast replacing multiple thin bangles.
Farah Khan Ali says: “Broad cuffs make a statement. These are statement pieces wherein you just wear this one thing and all the attention comes to you. These are bold, colorful, chunky and elegant and lots of women are going in for them because they are better than wearing lots of things that no one notices.”
She herself flaunted a self-designed elaborate diamond and sapphire cuff on her wrist during the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW) last month.
Among popular broad cuffs are those in silver, gold, diamond, Swarovski and colored stones such as sapphire, emerald and ruby. For those who like an Indian regal touch, they are available in kundan as well.
While the starting cost of silver cuffs is Rs.1,500, for gold it could start at Rs.30,000 and one can end up paying a steep price depending upon the weight of gold and pure stones used as embellishments.
In India, broad cuffs in gold with ethnic designs are usually passed on as heirloom from one generation to another, according to Anjali Sikka, who has been designing for popular jewelry brand Tanishq for nine years.
“Pure gold broad cuffs can be very expensive. So it is mostly in weddings that parents like to buy it for their daughter or daughter-in-law as heirloom. A broad cuff in solid gold is for keeps unless someone is rich enough to afford many stylish ones,” says Sikka told.
“When people in India buy these cuffs for weddings, they mostly go in for ones in kundan, polki, enamel or stones so that they look dressy,” she added.
However, the college-going youngsters don’t go for expensive stuff. A lot of them, who like to be in vogue without burning a hole in the pocket, are going in for stylish broad cuffs in metal and wood available for as little as Rs.100 in flea markets.
In shopping centers like Lifestyle and Shopper’s Stop, these are available for around Rs.350.
Priyama Pandey, a young PR executive, says she would any day go for one big bracelet vis-à-vis a single thin bangle or lots of thin bangles.
According to Suman, a spokesperson of exclusive jewelry brand Amrapali, broad cuffs with Indian motifs and designs have become immensely popular among international buyers, including tourists.
A word of advice about wearing broad cuffs though.
“Always wear one huge thing with subdued clothing instead of wearing lots of things. That will do the trick of making you stand out in a crowd.

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