Boogie Woogie US Grand Finals at the Meadows Club on April 4th


Rolling Meadows, IL:   Once again this year, The Meadows Club in Chicago has been chosen as the preferred venue to host Sony TV’s Boogie Woogie US Grand Finals on Sunday, April 4, at 5:30 p.m.  Champions from 14 states all across N. America will be competing for the coveted national prize.  This program is sure to be a real treat for the audiences, with top-notch dances by Champion dancers from 14 states across the US as well as a pulse pounding live performance from the teenage heartthrob and pop star, Raghav.  The show will be hosted by the lovely Hollywood actress, Janina Gavankar, with celebrity judges from Hollywood and Bollywood.
Also expected to be in attendance are the cast of the upcoming Hollywood flick Cash.
Sony Entertainment TV will be airing the show worldwide in the coming weeks.
“The contestants will be from two age groups, 6 yrs. to 13 yrs in the Junior category, and 14 yrs to 21 yrs. in the Senior category,” informs Shebani Kulkarni, co-founder of Dhrishti and the Meadows Club.
Dhrishti has been organizing the Boogie Woogie dance contest in Chicago for the past six years and some of the local winners have gone on to win the National and International finals.
With the US Grand Finals to be held on April, 2010, and possibly the International Finals to be held in July, 2010, at the Meadows Club, Chicagoans are in for a treat of some high quality Bollywood-style dancing, from champions from all around the world.
“For the very first time last year, we had the U.S Grand Finals at the Meadows Club, which many felt was one of the finest ever. We are proud of our association with Sony Entertainment Television Asia, and hope to continue to bring their popular programs to Chicago”, says Shebani.
“Bollywood has been a reflection of our culture and it keeps up with life in a current context. It’s great that parents and dance teachers here encourage these wonderfully talented children to participate in this contest.  Not only does it give an added boost to their personality, but it also helps them to assimilate our culture better”, concludes Shebani.
For tickets to the show or for sponsoring the event, please contact Shebani at 815-404-3803 or Ridhi at (847)691-8219.

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