Bollywood heroes and their new job profile

It’s not all engineers, doctors, businessmen and tough cops anymore.
Bollywood seems in the mood to experiment with exactly what its protagonists are upto, and here’s a look at a few new and upcoming releases that have lead characters doing unconventional things:
Hrithik Roshan in Kites,  Anurag Basu’s latest film — or Brett Ratner’s, depending which language you watch it in — sees Hrithik playing a dance instructor. It’s a role that should come naturally to Roshan, one of the most talented dancers in the business.
Sajid Khan’s latest film casts Akshay Kumar as a ringer at a casino, hired by the house to bring bad luck to gamblers.
The film might have had a good opening at the box-office, but Akshay’s character was bad luck for the critics and audiences alike, who had to endure this disaster film.
The Jaane Tu collegegirl plays a choreographer in this Ken Ghosh flop, auditioning young dancers while being unexpectedly open to choreography suggestions from them.
Shahid Kapoor plays one of the rejects she falls for, albeit a starry eyed one.
Shimit Amin’s wonderful December release Rocket Singh: Salesman Of The Year casts Ranbir Kapoor as a computer salesman, who believes in the power of human connections — that people are people and not just numbers, a concept that does wonders for his bottom line.
While most of Rajkumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots sees Aamir Khan studying in an engineering college, the film’s big reveal — and it’s really no spoiler considering the entire country’s seen the film at least twice — is that he’s a scientist called Phunksuk Wangdu.
Karan Johar’s latest hit My Name Is Khan, Shah Rukh Khan as Rizwan, a sufferer of Asperger’s Syndrome.
But despite communicating with strangers not being his strongest suit, Rizwan’s brother hires him as a door-to-door cosmetics salesman.
In Karan Johar’s semi-fluffy new romantic comedy, Sonam Kapoor stars opposite Imran Khan, who plays a jaded and cynical assistant director, who doesn’t believe in Johar’s kind of candyfloss cinema.
Goa isn’t the best place for a car, the roads clearly not equipped to handle many motorists.
John Owen’s directorial debut sees Khandelwal star as one of Goa’s many motorcycle-cabbies, which means exactly as it implies — a man who ferries one person to and fro.
Last year’s disastrous Sajid Nadiadwala production set Akshay Kumar as a stuntman.
But not just any stuntman, one that was the toast of Hollywood, rubbing shoulders with Denise Richards and touching the feet of action hero deity Sylvester Stallone.
In what looks like an upcoming take on the Pink Panther’s legendary Inspector Clouseau, made immortal by Peter Sellers, Sanjay Dutt plays a bumbling cop in his next comedy.

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