Boars pig on cocaine worth Rs 15 lakh in Italy forest

New Delhi, Nov 15 (IANS) A sounder of boars in Italy left drug dealers in shock and poorer by more than 30 millions Italian lira after they unearthed and pigged on cocaine buried in a forest in Tuscany, a media report said.
A gang of drug dealers in Tuscany was said to have buried the contraband packed in jars in a forest area in Valdichiana valley in the Tuscan countryside near Arezzo, which was dug up by snuffling boars. The air-and water-tight package was obviously no barrier to the hungry boars, who ripped through it, spilling cocaine worth over Rs 15 lakh (30 millions lira) on the forest floor.
The drug bust came to light when police tapped the phones of a suspected drug trafficking gang comprising an Italian and three Albanians and heard one of the dealers griping over the contraband loss.
Though the boars may have helped in unearthing of the hidden contraband, they are hardly popular in Italy, the report added. Many Italian farmers and others have demanded a systematic culling of the boars due to their large population in the country.

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