Black chapter in history of India’s democracy: BJP on Bengal violence


New Delhi [India], June 17 (ANI): BJP spokesperson and Rajya Sabha MP Sudhanshu Trivedi on Friday slammed the TMC-led West Bengal government and state election commission authorities for the incidents of violence in the state, and said that the way they are acting is a ‘black chapter in the history of democracy and elections in India’.
While addressing a press conference on Friday, BJP leader Sudhanshu Trivedi said that this is not the first time that BJP workers were attacked in West Bengal, and claimed that the BJP has a list of 25-30 such incidents. “The bigger concern is that the election commission is showing insensitive and irresponsible behaviour towards these incidents. Because of this, we were forced to go to court and after the court’s order, an attempt was made to control such incidents,” he said.
“The way state government and police are acting is a black chapter in the history of democracy and elections of the nation,” Trivedi said.
“On the last day, more than 40000 worked from the TMC filed for nomination. And there are 341 blocks in West Bengal. In four hours, more than 40000 people nominated themselves for just 341 blocks. Not just the TMC, but left, Congress, BJP, workers from every party went for nomination. It takes two minutes to nominate one person,” he further alleged.
Questioning how such a huge number of people were able to file for nominations within just four hours, Sudhanshu Trivedi said, “It can be understood how honest the machinery, working under the election commission and the state government, is.”
“The pace at which the nominations were filed, makes it clear as to how the government has taken the system into their hands,” he added.
“I want to ask a categorical question to those who used to say ‘Democracy is almost finished in India’, the level of violence that is being witnessed in West Bengal, is the democracy flourishing now? Or is it vanishing?” he questioned the opposition parties.
“Democracy is injured from violence. They used to talk about Maa, Maati and Manush. The violence is against Mother India, the land is soaked in blood, and humanity is grieving with a blot on its face, but no political party is not able to see any problem in the democracy,” BJP leader added while slamming the opposition.
The nomination process for the upcoming panchayat elections in West Bengal was marred by ongoing violence on Thursday, as the ruling Trinamool Congress and opposition parties engaged in a war of words.
Moreover, a division bench of Calcutta High Court, led by Chief Justice TS Sivagnanam, on Thursday directed the election commission in West Bengal to request the deployment of central paramilitary forces in all districts of the state within the next 48 hours, ahead of the upcoming panchayat elections in the state.
The final day of filing nominations witnessed continued clashes across various parts of the state, including an outbreak of violence at the Block Development Office in Birbhum’s Ahmadpur, where crude bombs were reportedly thrown.
However, as per the officials, no casualties have been reported in the incident.
As per the visuals, crude bombs have also been hurled in the area. Police detained a few people involved in the clash.
Tension and unease prevailed in several areas, particularly the Bhangar block, where clashes between supporters of the ruling TMC and Naushad Siddiqui-led Indian Secular Front (ISF) over the past few days.
The two sets of supporters were seen on the roads, wielding sticks, as the police struggled to maintain law and order.
Some police personnel, including the SDPO, sustained injuries during the clashes.
The Panchayat elections in West Bengal will be held in a single phase on July 8, with the counting of votes scheduled for July 11.
The panchayat polls in West Bengal are likely to see a fierce contest between the BJP and the ruling Trinamool Congress being touted as a litmus test for both parties ahead of next year’s Lok Sabha elections. (ANI)

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