BKU leader furious over ‘unruly behavior’ by farmers during stir

Ghazipur (Uttar Pradesh), Nov 29 (IANS) Farmers protesting at the borders of the national capital have intensified their agitation against the Modi government at the Centre opposing the three controversial farm laws.
However, Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) spokesperson Rakesh Tikait on Sunday was perturbed with the “unruly behaviour” of the farmers from Uttar Pradesh, who marched on Saturday under the BKU banner on the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border at Ghazipur in east Delhi.
The agitating farmers at the Ghazipur border repeatedly tried to remove the police barricades there and even toppled the barricades several times on the road. As the farmers indulged in unruly behaviour, the police administration also exhibited a stricter approach and ultimately the BKU farmer leader had to intervene in the matter, seeing the protesting farmers going out of control. Tikait expressed his displeasure at such behaviour of the farmers and supporters of the BKU.
Seeing the raging farmers, Tikait told the policemen to lift the barricades and let the farmers enter Burari. He angrily told his fellow farmers that those who wanted to go to Burari were free to do so.
The farmers calmed down only after seeing Rakesh Tikait angry at them, following which all the farmers did not overstep the police barricades. At the same time, several farmers apologised to Tikait and retreated behind the barricading and sat again protesting in a peaceful way.
The BKU has decided that the farmers would stay at the Delhi border and this movement would continue until the government holds negotiations with the various leaders representing the farmers.
The core committee of various farmer organisations’ representatives met on Sunday which decided that farmers would continue to protest at the Delhi border till the Modi government addresses their grievances.

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