BJP’s win signifies EVMs were tampered: Hardik Patel

Ahmedabad: Patidar leader Hardik Patel on Monday accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of tampering with EVM’s in Gujarat.
At a time, when the BJP is on its way to register another win in the state, Hardik while addressing a press conference said, “The results of BJP winning signifies that EVMs were tampered during the elections. In Surat, Rajkot and Ahmedabad particularly, there are reports of 12-15 seats where the BJP has won massively due to EVM tampering.”
“I have been talking about this issue for the last three days. And I have read reports about EVM tampering as well. In Surat ward, where over one lakh Patidars live, they have informed us that EVMs have been tampered by the BJP”, added Hardik.
The Patidar leader also urged the Congress party to raise the issue of EVM tampering.
“In the self-interest of the people, the Congress should also do the same and raise the issue of EVM tampering”, said Hardik.
Hardik also differentiated the difference of using technology in elections in India and other countries.
“In Israel and Japan, where technology is so advanced there, EVMs are not used there, since people know about the disadvantages of using technology in elections. But, here (in India), it is the opposite,” said Hardik.
On being asked whether he had proof to support EVM tampering, Hardik said: “As I said earlier, there is a calculator-like device connected to the EVM which automatically changes the vote counting margin of the winning candidate. I have seen it in my own eyes.”
“There have been reports that even Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have been used for EVM tampering. If ATM can be hacked for money, then EVM also can be hacked for gaining votes,” added Hardik.
The Patidar leader praised the Congress’ neck-to-neck electoral fight against the BJP and thanked the people for supporting the Patidars during the agitation.
Threatening the BJP, Hardik said that he would continue the fight against EVMs and would be ready to go to jail again.
At the time of filing this report, the BJP was leading on 33 seats and winning 66 seats. The Congress is leading on 20 seats, winning 57 seats, in the Gujarat assembly elections for 182 seats.
In Himachal Pradesh, the BJP was leading in 29 seats, having won 15. The Congress is leading on 13 seats, having won 8 seats, out of total 68 seats.

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