BJP working on 4 key economic issues, may lead to changes in govt policies

New Delhi, Aug 7 (IANS)
In order to address the major issues of the economy, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is taking suggestions from economists, experts and entrepreneurs from across the sectors on four major issues – industrial policy, retail trade, e-commerce and foreign trade policy.
Based on the suggestions, the party will prepare a report and submit it to the government. It is expected that the government will implement these suggestions and new policies will be formulated.
In the last one week, the BJP has held four meetings with the stakeholders from all the sectors regarding the same.
BJP’s national spokesperson for economic affairs, Gopal Krishna Agarwal told IANS, “We are still continuing with the industrial policy of 1948. Minimal improvements have been made in subsequent years in the first industrial policy of 1948 which prove to be insufficient. Several changes were made in 1991 but now with changing times, big changes are required. In such a situation the party is brainstorming with experts. All the suggestions will be sent to the government.”
By improving the industrial policy, the BJP is trying to find a solution to the problems of retail, e-commerce, importers and exporters in foreign trade.
The Modi government, under its New India Mission is working to fulfil the dream of ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’. From areas of foreign trade policy to retail and e-commerce, the government is looking to draft a strong policy.
Agarwal said, “Just as the party interacted with all the stakeholders of the economy before the Budget and shared the suggestions with the government which were included, similarly we are taking suggestions on industrial policy, retail trade, e-commerce and foreign trade policy. Four meetings have been held so far. The report will be shared with the government after we complete the work.”

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