BJP to launch ‘Booth Vijay Abhiyan’ in UP ahead of polls

New Delhi, Aug 12 (IANS) In an attempt to strengthen the party at the ground level ahead of next year’s assembly polls, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) would launch a two-week long ‘Booth Vijay Abhiyan’ programme in the last week of August.
Sources said that during the campaign, the process of finalising the booth committee and page committee on each page of the voter list will be completed, for which the work is already in progress.
“Most of the appointment at booth level has been made and those at the page committee is going on… it will be completed soon. Progress of booth management work will be also reviewed during the period,” a party leader said.
After the 2014 Lok Sabha polls victory, the BJP is continuously working to strengthen its booth management by innovating new ways to keep its cadre active and reach out to every voter with its vision for future, and the work done by the BJP government in the Centre as well as in the state of Uttar Pradesh.
A senior party leader in Uttar Pradesh said that the booth management is one of the main reasons for BJP’s electoral success which was first tried in Gujarat.
“Apart from several other campaigns and initiatives, the BJP workers entrusted with responsibilities at booth and page committee will also be reaching out to voters at regular intervals till election and on voting day will try to ensure everyone casts their vote,” he said.
Ensuring more penetration at the booth level, the BJP has decided to form a five-member committee on each page of electoral roll ahead of next year’s assembly polls in five states.
Earlier, the saffron party used to appoint ‘Panna Pramukh’ — in charge of one page (both front and back) of a voter list, which is now replaced with ‘Panna Committee’ consisting of five or six voters from the same page.
The ‘Panna Pramukh’ concept, the brainchild of Home Minister Amit Shah, was first used in 2007 Gujarat Assembly polls and has since been replicated in other states, and also in the 2019 general elections.
A ‘panna pramukh’ acts as the head of one page (both front and back) of a voter list consisting of the names of nearly 30 voters.

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