BJP promises 3 free gas cylinders in Goa poll manifesto

Panaji, Feb 8 (IANS) The ruling BJP in Goa in its manifesto for the February 14 Assembly polls, has promised three free gas cylinders to domestic consumers, no increase in the state government-imposed value added tax on petrol and diesel for the next five years, along with affordable housing.
In its manifesto released by Union Minister for Road Transport and Housing Nitin Gadkari on Tuesday, the BJP has also promised to make Goa into an international football destination, while also assuring to turn the state’s economy into a $50 billion powerhouse.
“We are committed to our manifesto. We have completed 80 per cent of the previous manifestos and we have released the report card. I’m saying this because there are a lot of political parties which have come to Goa and are coming out with their own manifestoes. Our double engine sarkar is committed to bringing this manifesto to fruition,” Chief Minister Pramod Sawant told a press conference in Panaji.
Speaking on the occasion, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari also said that the BJP would win the upcoming polls, while also congratulating Sawant and his BJP team for endeavouring to make Goa a carbon-neutral state.
“Stable government only BJP can give. And because of this stability of the last ten years we were able to do more development in ten years than was done in the previous 50 years in Goa,” Gadkari said.
“Air water pollution is a big problem in Goa. They have started electric buses and taxis and promised to go electric through subsidies. In the coming years the electric vehicles and fuel buses will be the same prices. Subsidies will be given to taxis and to the minibuses to convert to electric. I am the transport minister and we are doing it at the central level,” Gadkari said.
Gadkari also said that the Congress party’s poll promise of capping petrol and diesel prices at Rs 80 in Goa had no relevance, especially in an age when flex engines were coming into vogue.
“Congress has promised to make petrol Rs 80 per litre. In the coming days, all the engines will be flex engines that can work on both petrol or biofuel or blended fuel. Toyota and others have agreed to install flex engines. This means that making petrol 80 will have no meaning because no one will want to buy fuel,” he said.
“Diesel buses will be converted to CNG through retro-fitting. It will benefit both the transporters and the environment. CNG costs Rs 40 a litre, the Congress promise is only to mislead the people. I’m happy you have promised to make Goa carbon neutral,” he also said.

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