BJP Prez questions Rahul’s ‘sanskar’, Sonia’s ‘still in dark’ comment

New Delhi, June 20 (IANS) Bharatiya Janata Party President JP Nadda lashed out at the Congress Party and its top leadership on Saturday targeting both Rahul and Sonia Gandhi for their stand on the India-China face off.
“When we are fighting in Galwan, a leader is damaging the morale of forces with his tweets. He is showing his limited intellect. (He is asking) why have our forces gone unarmed. Don’t you know international treaties? And they didn’t go unarmed. Why are you exposing your limited intellect?,” asked Nadda while addressing a virtual rally.
He also hit out at the former Congress President objecting to his choice of words. Nadda said the language used by Rahul Gandhi doesn’t show the “sankskar” (upbringing) of an Indian family, very subtly resurrecting his mother’s origin.
“Let alone respecting PM Modi, you didn’t even respect your own PM and tore a copy of his ordinance,” remarked Nadda referring to an incident in 2013 when Rahul Gandhi branded the then ordinance to save convicted legislators from disqualification as “complete nonsense” and tore up its copy in public. The incident sparked a massive row after which then Congress PM Manmohan Singh reportedly wanted to resign.
Rahul Gandhi, in a strong statement after the India-China face-off in Ladakh alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi surrendered Indian territory to Chinese aggression.
The stand taken by Congress interim Chief Sonia Gandhi at Friday’s all party meet also drew flak from Nadda. He said, “Yesterday the Prime Minister held an all party meeting. With one voice, all leaders said that the whole country is standing with the Prime Minister. But the Congress was asking what happened, how it happened, where it happened.”
The grand old party was represented by Sonia Gandhi at the meeting. Questioning the Modi government about “intelligence failure”, Sonia Gandhi remarked, “In fact, even at this late stage, we are still in the dark about many crucial aspects of the crisis.”
Nadda was addressing the BJP cadres of Rajasthan on Saturday after suspending all political activities of the party for two days owing to the death of Indian soldiers in Galwan valley in a bloody face-off with Chinese soldiers.

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