BJP MLA demands removal of Nitish Kumar as Bihar CM

Patna, March 30 (IANS) After surgical strike on Vikassheel Insaan Party (VIP), BJP leaders are now directly targeting Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.
Vinay Bihari, a BJP MLA claimed that Nitish Kumar lost his fire that he was known for, during the first tenure in 2005.
“I firmly believe that the BJP top leadership should think about it and make a Chief Minister from our party,” he said.
“People of the states are talking about the Yogi model as incidents of crime are rising in Bihar every day. We are living in Bihar, so we advocate for Nitish Model here. But we do not want the present Nitish model, but we want Nitish Kumar as we knew him in 2005,” Bihari said.
When asked to describe the Yogi model, Vinay Bihari said: “The way crime incidents take place every day in Bihar, the Yogi model means quick action on the criminals. The bulldozers are required in Bihar to bring the situation under control.”
“As I belong to the BJP, I firmly believe that the Chief Minister should be from our party. The BJP top leadership should make Tar Kishore Prasad as Chief Minister of the state. He is doing well ever since he was given the charge of deputy chief minister of Bihar,” he said.
“The popularity of Nitish Kumar is declining in Bihar. He contested 115 seats and won only 45, an indication of his decreasing popularity. He does not have the fire power anymore,” Bihari explained.
The BJP in Bihar is enthused after victory in Uttar Pradesh assembly elections and the party executed a successful surgical strike on VIP and included 3 of its MLAs in BJP.
After the inclusion of 3 VIP MLAs, BJP became the single largest party in the state with 77 MLAs surpassing RJD having 75 MLAs in the Bihar assembly.
Meanwhile Neeraj Kumar, JDU MLC and party’s chief spokesperson told IANS: “Vinay Bihari, through his statement, challenged the decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and union Home Minister Amit Shah. Nitish Kumar became the Chief Minister on the basis of a decision by both the parties and Modi and Amit Shah gave the green signal for his name. Vinay Bihari recently joined BJP and he is not an official spokesperson of the party. Hence, we do not take him seriously.”

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