BJP gears up for countering opposition to farm laws

New Delhi, Dec 11 (IANS) Amid the ongoing protests against the three farm laws introduced by the Narendra Modi government, the Bharatiya Janata Party is now gearing up to combat the opposition to them. The BJP will launch a massive awareness campaign and will organise press conferences and ‘kisan chaupals’ (meetings) at over 700 places across the country.
In these meetings, the party leaders will present facts to remove misconceptions being spread about the farm laws. The awareness campaign will be run from the state to the district and division levels where the party will explain about the provisions in the farm laws. The ‘chaupals’ will be organised with immediate effect.
Farmers from Punjab and Haryana have been besieging Delhi since November 26 against the three agricultural laws made in September. The deadlock could not be resolved even after five rounds of talks with the government. In view of the demands of the farmers, the central government is said to be ready to make more than half a dozen amendments to the laws, but the farmers are adamant on the withdrawal of all three laws.
A senior BJP functionary told IANS that the agriculture sector is going to see major reforms through the three farm laws. But some political parties want the farmers’ condition to remain as bad as in the last 70 years. They are creating misunderstandings among the farmers and provoking them. The party is preparing to move among them to remove their misunderstandings. If the farmers know the full provisions of the laws then they themselves will not be a part of the movement.

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