Bikini saree – a new entrant to the world of fashion

The bikini saree has the distinct USP of being not only an article of ethnic fusion wear, but is also becoming vastly popular as swimwear for the demure woman for whom maintaining a balance between glamour and modesty is a must. A mark of pride for the creators of the bikini saree is the manner in which it has been embraced and worn at both, Bollywood and Hollywood events by actors in the likes of Bipasha Basu, Dita Von Teese, Nicki Minaj, Padma Lakshmi, and Fergie; Basu recently opted for a bikini saree by the concept creators, Shivan and Narresh during the Indian International Film Awards (IIFA) ceremony recently. Also known as a “resort saree”, the versatile and beautiful bikini saree can be draped in up to 12 different ways, so one has the option of exuding various fashionable looks within 1 saree. This is a valuable piece of knowledge for a potential buyer to acquire, as a designer bikini saree by Shivan and Narresh is likely to set you back by a minimum of $700! Of course, non-designer and high street editions are available at more affordable prices.
Bikini sarees are not merely a designer outfit; they are a unique invention, constructed using a yard and a half of georgette or crepe, which can be draped in multiple ways. They also have elements of Italian jersey fabric, which is sturdy and does not require ironing or pleating, and also have pockets for your cellular phone and other small accessories. They are popularly referred to in fashion magazines as the ideal “beach to bar” outfit, as one can easily convert the saree to suit both casual beach and swimming pool events, as well as more formal evening events. Convenience is a guarantee for anyone who wishes to wear a bikini saree to his or her next social engagement.
For the average Indian woman who is excited about introducing modern fashion trends into her largely ethnic wardrobe, the bikini saree is the perfect bridge between ethnic elegance and high fashion concepts. The media attention garnered by the bikini saree thanks to national and international celebrity endorsements have made it an ideal show stopping garment for anyone who wishes to make a statement. Also convenient, is the fact that you can measure the impact of your statement; for those on the slimmer side, feel free to indulge in a bikini top blouse, you could look at Priyanka Chopra’s blouse in the song “Desi Girl” for inspiration. For those who want the slinky blouses but are perhaps hesitant about their ability to carry off thin noodle straps, halter blouses are the right choice for you. For those on the more voluptuous side, a sleeveless ethnic blouse will do the job equally well without showing off much skin. Enjoy this exciting trend in ethnic fusion sarees, it is suitable for all ages and body types, and you have the option to wear this outfit all day, to different occasions.

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