Biggest joke of 2011: Modi


Gandhinagar: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on February 17 launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh saying his remark on Amit  Shah was the “biggest joke of 2011.”

“Prime Minister tried to associate Gujarat in his press conference to wash off the stains on himself. This is the joke of the year 2011. This is laughable,” he said.

In a veiled reference to Shah during his interaction with TV editors on February 16, Singh said, “The Opposition parties, particularly BJP has taken a hostile attitude and the reasons that have been    given frankly I cannot mention it in public… because you have taken some decision against a particular person, who was a Minister in Gujarat, you must reverse it. I don’t want to add further.”

“Instead of blaming any Minister from Gujarat or the state   government, the Prime Minister should give true facts about  his failures before the people of India,” the Gujarat Chief Minister said.

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