Big Catch: Palghar fisherman nets Rs 1.33 cr fortune from Arabian Sea

Palghar (Maharashtra), Sep 5 (IANS) This catch was beyond the wildest imagination of Palghar fisherman Chandrakant Tare – who pulled in a net-full of 157 ‘Ghol’ (Croaker) fish, worth an astounding Rs 1.33 crore!
The good fortune struck Tare when he resumed his fishing activity on his trawler ‘Harbadevi’ with 10 others, after the two-month-long monsoon ban ended on August 15.
Tare, a resident of Murbhe coastal village, and his team set sail to Wadhwan, around 45 kms off Palghar shores, casting their nets with prayers and hopes for a good catch.
Their prayers were answered a few days later when they pulled in the nets – and found the 157 ‘Ghols’ (Protonibe Diacanthus) struggling to break free from the tough nylon strings.
Tare and his crew were stunned to find such a huge quantity of ‘Ghols’ – also known as the “sea gold” – since the fish is in huge demand as a culinary delicacy and for its internal organs in south and south-east Asia.
Even before they touched shore this week, word of the mega-catch had spread like wildfire and many eager buyers had already queued up to net a bargain with Tare and his team.
Finally, he sold it to a consortium of the highest bidders from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh – at Rs 1.33 crore – considered the highest-ever price for ‘Ghol’ in the entire Konkan region.
Coveted in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong and other countries, the ‘Ghol’ fish fins are said to have huge medicinal value, and are used by pharma companies to make soluble stitches, and for wine purification, while its bladder cures kidney stones, and its heart boosts sex power and immunity, say locals.
According to fisherman Jitendra Patil, in recent years, there has been a big drop in the fish population around the coastal areas owing to rampant marine pollution.
“We are forced to venture far into the Arabian Sea for a decent catch adding to the costs and time… We rarely net one or two ‘Ghols’, and once a fisherman had caught around a dozen in his nets. But, such a huge quantity (157) in a single catch is like God’s blessing,” said Patil.
On his part, Tare gave a thanksgiving glance to the skies and said with the income he netted, all his financial problems — piled up during the two-year pandemic period — are resolved at one shot, even as he has become a hero among the fishing communities of the state.

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