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New Delhi, Sep 3 (IANSlife) Works of art can be inspiring, there is no wonder why beautiful art makes it to home interiors and personal spaces. Striking and meaningful art like sculptures, paintings, figurines and wall art liven things up and facilitate in creating a home’s soul, reflecting one’s personality in their surrounding space.
“Let’s admit it, stark white spaces or plain walls can be quite uninteresting! A pretty artwork visually aids in creating a feeling of movement linked to everything else in the room that is motionless, thus adding a prompt color and pizazz to the space. Once you have selected on an artwork, you can complement it by adding in fixtures and accessories like upholstery, cushions, rugs and lamps, thus creating a truly finished look”, Hemil Parikh, Founder, Elysium Abodes LLP told IANSlife.
The gamut of options on offer definitely leave one spoilt-for-choice, hence it makes sense to dedicate some time in considering which pieces you would want to display, and which really bring forth your interests as an art collector.

Parikh shares useful tips to consider when choosing art for your home:

Ensure you set the tone of your dwelling

Prior to selecting your preferred art, you must first decide whether you want your home to feature a casual or formal vibe. While light and bright hues lend off a casual feel, predominantly on unframed canvas; a framed piece with imageries that feature diverse lines and structure in darker shades will lend the space a formal tone.

Selecting the artwork style

There is no doubt on the fact that whatever you pick to embellish your home or walls, it’s an individual choice, nevertheless, you must never rush into it. Always take into consideration what actually appeals to you about a particular piece, whether it is the shade, the subject or anything else about the artwork that charms you. An immediate impulse buy can be a mistake since it may ruin the look by going against your d�cor. Most importantly the art needs to strike a connection with your interiors to make it feel true to you.

Color selection

The color of an art creation has an ability to inspire the look and feel of the entire space. If you desire the art to show off a chief color, then everything around it must support it. For instance, if the artwork has a warm tone, ensure the pieces placed around it are in cool hues since it will make the art work stand out more.

Size of art as opposed to the room size

By and large, if you have a small room, placing one big piece of art like a sculpture or a wall-hanging can make a room feel more spacious. Incorporating multiple smaller pieces can make a small room feel muddled. Hence, considering the rooms dimension prior to selecting an art is of prime significance. Give yourself the chance to fall in love with art and to truly appreciate the pieces you bring into your personal space.

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