Be a patriotic style diva

By Jackie Pinto
Bangaloreans like to flaunt their pride in freedom by sporting clothes, accessories and flags Come Independence Day, stores, street vendors and even fashion designers bring out a plethora of accessories to dress up your home, mode of transportation or person in the colors of patriotism.

From wristbands to dashboard flags, from tees to little badges with the national symbols etched or printed on them, there are various ways to bring out the spirit of the day and feel bonded to our fellow countrymen. Metrolife looks at what’s in this Independence Day.

Rakshita and her gang of girls from Mount Carmel plan to wear friendship bands in orange and green teamed up with white kurtas and jeans. “This goes nicely with our dress code and we intend to go out for lunch at the mall and wear our national colors on our sleeves,” she says. The group is even toying with the notion of spraying on hair color in orange and green for added effect.

Designer Ramesh Dembla feels that Independence Day fashion can be carried through the year as white is a classic base and can be dressed up with splashes of orange or green quite effectively. “White is my favorite color and works well both during the day or late evening. Badges and small broaches look elegant on suit lapels but are meant more for an older and more formal crowd,” he says.

“I have friends, who host theme parties on the day and guests turn up in all sorts of color coordinated accessories, from especially designed bindis that make a striking statement, to bangles, wristbands, scarves and kurtas that look both trendy and patriotic.

Remember that one can also wear these accessories and clothes to cricket matches and other sporting events later so it is not a one time buy,” he adds.

“This is the right day to come forward and support Khadi fashion. Everyone, who feels truly patriotic must make a pledge to buy one piece of Khadi clothing and support our weavers as Khadi is a fabric that is handmade, elegant and easy to adapt to trends,” says Prasad Bidapa. “Unfortunately, people hesitate to use the National Flag in clothing as one might be hauled off to court, like Bina Ramani, though many see no harm in it. I personally think that a white saree worn with green and orange blouse or with striking beads and bangles would look very attractive.

Saffron, white and green are not the easiest of colors to wear together so break them up and wear them differently as one doesn’t really want to look like a walking flag but a style diva,” he advises. Badges vary from cheap throwaways to elaborate affairs specially designed for the wearer to flaunt as a patriotic symbol. Many companies decorate their offices with orange, white and green balloons and crepe paper garlands festooned with flags in paper or plastic.

“At our office party last year, we all came dressed in the national colors and it was quite a spectacle as the whole place was filled with balloons, flower petal rangolis and buntings.

Even our food was garnished appropriately to go with the theme. This year we are trying to be as eco-friendly as possible so decorations are probably going to be toned down a lot,” says Sandhya, an HR professional.

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