Battle of the item babes

By A correspondent
While Munni was being badnaam-ed in night clubs and Diwali bashes all over the country (and abroad) till recently, it is now Sheila, who has upped the ante and is flaunting her jawani on airwaves and in discos. The two item songs, Munni Badnaam Hui from Dabangg and Sheila Ki Jawani from Tees Maar Khan, are running neck to neck on the popularity charts and there’s even a schism among the public about which one is hotter, Malaika Arora Khan’s Munni or Katrina Kaif’s Sheila.

From updating statuses on Facebook to tweeting about their favorite item number, Munni and Sheila are hot topics that have sparked off many debates. Sana Khan, a media professional, however, is a staunch Katrina supporter. “Some friends of mine posted links to these videos and that triggered a thread of opinions from everyone. It’s definitely the hot topic among people online. Malaika definitely looks hot. She can look hot in any item  number because that’s her forte. But Katrina doing an item number is rare,” says Sana Khan. “She put in a lot of effort into toning her body and her moves in the song were even compared to Beyonce’s, so that speaks volumes about how amazing she is in the song. Though Munni Badnaam Hui is a nice song, Katrina in Sheila Ki Jawani is the answer to Malaika in Munni… Katrina has also proved that she can be a success even without Salman,” she adds.

Wajid Khaleel, an MBBS graduate, who is also a hard core Salman Khan fan, feels that Katrina is hotter and would look good in any item number. “Katrina is extremely hot and one of the most good looking actresses in Bollywood. If she had danced in Sheila Ki Jawani with Salman, it would have been an icing on the cake. Though she looks gorgeous in the song, item number-wise Malaika Arora in Munni Badnaam Hui is better. I have seen people discussing their favorite item numbers through status updates. I myself discuss about it with friends and we have our share of opinions all the time.”

Staunch Munni fans say Malaika Arora Khan has made the song a rage and she rules the roost when it comes to item numbers. “Katrina is a sophisticated and pretty actress. She does a good job by looking beautiful in her films but when it comes to dance moves, hers don’t have the mazza that Malaika’s moves do. Malaika can groove and her latkas and jhatkas are just what an item number needs. Item numbers have to be raunchy and Malaika brings in that flavor whereas Katrina doesn’t suit item numbers. Munni Badnaam is definitely my favorite,” says Trushna Tibrewala, a homemaker. While Munni Badnaam… has been ruling the roost for a few months now, it’s still early days for Sheila… as Tees Maar Khan is yet to be released. But going by the latter’s popularity; it will definitely be a photo finish between the two.

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