Baig family no stranger to scams: First it was stamp paper, then IMA ponzi scam

Bengaluru, Nov 24 (IANS) Former Congress leader and ex-minister R. Roshan Baig and scams seem to go hand-in-hand as his name and that of his younger brother Dr Rehan Baig have cropped up in connection with sensational scams that occurred in Karnataka.
The younger sibling’s name cropped up in the infamous counterfeit stamp paper scam in the early 2000s while Roshan Baig’s name is being mentioned along with the multi-crore IMA-ponzi scam since 2019.
Speaking to IANS a retired police officer observed that there is a similarity between both the scams. In both the cases the perpetrators (Telgi in the stamp paper scam and Khan of IMA) solicited Baig’s support to extend their tentacles in Karnataka.
In both cases at one point or the other, premises owned by the Baig family were allegedly used to carry out these shady dealings or at least the perpetrators statements indicate that, the officer added.
The officer said that it cannot be accidental that the prime accused in both the scams accused the Baig family of being direct beneficiaries of their acts. “of course Baig may come out of this too as it happened in the case of his brother Rehan Baig who was acquitted of all charges just two years ago, while a year later, even Telgi, the prime accused was acquitted,” the officer rued.
In the massive counterfeit stamp paper scam, Telgi had given a statement to the Special Investigation Team and based on his statement it had arrested Rehan Baig, who was about to fly out of India.
When IMA-scamster Mansoor Khan released a video alleging that Baig had forced him to give Rs 400 crore, Roshan Baig too was caught from Kempe Gowda International Airport, by the Special Investigation Team of Bengaluru police as it was alleged he too was trying to fly out of the country.
The stamp paper scam according to investigation agencies involved a mind boggling sum of Rs 20000 crore then.
Telgi befriended Rehan Baig when Roshan Baig was home minister in Karnataka 1997-99 for giving him patronage as well as safe passage to carry out his ‘stamp paper business’.
Telgi in his statement had mentioned Rehan’s name alleging that he was cheated to the tune of Rs 55 lakh by him.
However, both Rehan and Telgi were finally acquitted of these charges just two years ago.
In the case of the IMA scam, the IMA special officer and Competent Authority, Harsh Gupta wrote a letter suggesting that Baig’s properties be attached to recover the IMA victims money.
Gupta in his letter stated that Baig and Khan were partners as Baig had rented his properties to Khan to run his businesses, which gave credence to Khan’s illegal businesses.

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