Babri demolition case: Well-thought politics to remove Advani from presidential race, says Lalu Prasad

PATNA: RJD boss Lalu Prasad on April 19 alleged that the Supreme Court order allowing trial of BJP’s top leaders on criminal conspiracy charge in the Babri Masjid demolition case was a “well-thought-out politics” (bilkul sochi-samajhi rajneeti) of the Narendra Modi government to remove L K Advani’s name from the race of forthcoming presidential election.
“The CBI is under the hands of PM Narendra Modi. The CBI itself went to the apex court and categorically said that there should be conspiracy case against Advani and others in the Masjid demolition case. When the Union government itself was saying that there should be a conspiracy case against Advani and others, then the court had no other option,” Lalu told reporters here.
He also said that there was a strong speculation in the market (political circles) that this year the BJP would make Advani the new President of India. The presidential election is likely to be held in July this year.
“Since Advani was one of the front-runners for the post of President, the Modi government played a ‘well-thought-out politics’ and very carefully cut-out the “umbilical cord” of Advani,” the RJD president said.
Lalu was reacting to the media persons’ queries over the SC order allowing the CBI plea to restore criminal conspiracy charges against Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, Uma Bharti and others.
RJD chief also said, as the apex court has ordered for restoration of criminal conspiracy charges against Advani, no one would now even take his (Advani’s) name for the candidature for the presidential election.
Lalu also alleged that the CBI was a part of union government and “it speaks (in the court) whatever the government wants.”
“Though it is an internal politics of BJP and a game hatched inside its cellar, I can only say the saffron party has played a very big politics with a person who saved the Narendra Modi government in the Gujarat after Godhra riots in 2002 when the then PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee had asked for following ‘Raj-Dharma,” Lalu said while reminding of Vajpayee’s famous directive to then Gujarat CM.
RJD chief also demanded a high-level probe into illness of Vajpayee. “Why former PM Vajpayee has become physically incapacitated? Whether he has been given any wrong tonic?” Lalu quipped.
Again referring to side-lining of Advani, Lalu said, “The RSS, the BJP and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad are so dangerous organizations that they never differentiate between own men and other men while playing politics. Look, how carefully, they cut the umbilical cord of Advani,” he said.

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