Army opens more doors to women, inducts 874 women in Corps of Military Police

New Delhi: A day after country’s first full-time woman Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman assumed office, another transformational move in the direction to promote women in the armed forces has come into effect.
A major decision has been taken to induct 874 women in Corps of Military Police, with a yearly intake of 52 per year.
In an Army briefing on Friday, Lt. General Ashwani Kumar, the Adjutant General of Army, has acknowledged the fact that amid increasing needs for investigation against gender specific allegations and crime, a necessity was felt to introduce women in Corps of Military Police.
The training for the women joining the Corps of Military Police will be of 62 weeks, same as the male soldiers. This induction is likely to begin by 2018 as the modalities are being worked.
In addition to this, Lt. Gen. Kumar also informed that two new state of the art centers have been established in Bhopal and Guwahati, so that childless couple need not unduly wait for their turn.
These centers are in addition to the existing ones at Delhi, Pune and Mumbai.

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