Another Toshakhana scandal involving Imran Khan emerges

Lahore, Nov 20 (IANS) Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan not only sold a precious watch from the Toshakhana, but it has emerged now that he also reportedly retained two diamond rings from the gift depository at considerably low price, according to a media report.
Khan received 89 gifts collectively worth millions of dollars during his tenure as the Prime Minister. Among those, he retained 43 without any payment.
The documents available revealed that the ex-PM received two precious diamond rings from an Arab country as gift, Samaa TV reported.
The rings are worth Rs 0.23 million and Khan only paid 50 per cent discounted price for them, i.e., Rs 0.15 million.
The former premier paid Rs 40,500 for one ring and Rs 74,700 for the other.
Khan had said that despite using the entire state machinery, the incumbent rulers could not find anything against him except a watch that he bought from Toshakhana (gift depository) and later sold it in the market, Express Tribune reported.
The charges of misuse of the Toshakhana against the former Prime Minister took an unusual turn on Tuesday when a well-known Dubai-based businessman came to the fore and claimed he had bought some of the state gifts, including an expensive Graff wristwatch worth at least Rs 2 billion, from Farah Gogi and Shahzad Akbar.
In an interview with a private TV channel, Umar Farooq Zahoor said he bought expensive items, gifted to the PTI chief by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, for $2 million.
“I am going to court on the issue of the watch,” said Khan while referring to the allegations, Express Tribune reported.

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