Andhra designer makes ‘singing’ saree

Andhra Pradesh: The massive silk saree industry in the south just added a new note to its repertoire – the saree Swaramadhuri, which can ‘sing’ for four hours at a stretch.
“Swaramadhuri,” a “singing silk saree,” embedded with eight micro speakers on its border has caught the fancy of many silk traders down South.
Conceptualized by P. Mohan, a small-time designer in the Dharmavaram town in Anantpur district of Andhra Pradesh, the beautiful drape has micro speakers on its border and a small digital music player at the Pallu which can play as many as 200 songs continuously for a stretch of four hours.  Mohan has used a 2-GB memory chip to support the device on the saree.
Armed with a diploma in Fashion Design, he is said to have toiled for two months to come out with this unique design, which has piqued the interest of silk traders down South.

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