An open letter to President Donald Trump

Dear President Trump:
As a Republican, I am totally confused about your infant Presidency, and I will tell you why:
You must be aware that the elections are over and you were elected President of the United States. The Electoral College gave you the presidency though you lost the popular vote. This is not a mandate for you and you feel this is a thorn on your side. You are still in the campaign mode picking quarrels on those, who do not support your numbers. You do have a Republican Congress to work with. I am confused why you are not working on making “America Great Again,” but still running for office.
You must be aware that as President you have to lead our country with your vision. This is your administration now. You cannot blame previous Democratic or Republican administrations saying you “inherited a mess.” If you knew things were a mess, you should not have run for office. As a Christian, you should know that Moses could not blame Joseph for landing in Egypt or Pharaoh for enslaving the Israelites or God for directing him to lead Israelites out of Egypt. Moses was given the responsibility for leading his people to the promised land. I am confused why you are not showing leadership for America but passing the blame on others.
You must be aware of your campaign promises to “Make America Great Again.” So far you have issued executive orders that are controversial, uninformed decisions that did not stand up in court, shift the responsibility on “so called judges,” blame “fake news” for your failures, and try to repeal past eight years of progress made by a well liked administration. I am confused whether your promises of jobs, prosperity, medical care for all, respect from abroad, security for our country, and so on are in progress or a priority with your administration.
You must be aware that a country is run by the President with the help of people’s representatives in Congress, Government career officials, Diplomats, the Judiciary and a free Press. You are fortunate to have a Republican majority in Congress to implement your vision for our country. Your Cabinet members, Congress, your political appointees, your Supreme Court Nominees, your Government Departments, including the State Department, FBI and CIA are there to help you work for us — The People. The United States Constitution is a good instrument to follow if you get confused on leadership. We are all in this together. I am confused why you fight the same institutions that are supposed to guide your success for us — The People.
You must be aware that you promised to “drain the swamp” in Washington-DC of political gridlock and lead the country with a vision. Many of your followers look to you for leadership and not confusion. People may not hold politicians in high esteem, but we can make them represent us. I am not confused when my ideas are appreciated by my Congressional Representative. I should not be confused with your vision for us.
You keep in touch with the outside world with your “Tweets.” Your surrogates, Staff, Cabinet Members, fellow Republicans and supporters scramble to decipher your “Tweets” and justify your statements. “Believe me” is another statement you make to soothe things if your promise confuses us. If the country is not broken, “I can fix it” is not necessary. Your every “Tweet” confuses me. It gets scarier when the whole world wakes up to your odd statements without proof or justification. You confuse not only me, but the whole world. This is not good leadership as you cannot rule by fear.
I am confused why you do not appreciate our Allies and their support to the United States. Our Allies and other international bodies look to the USA for leadership. Trade pacts have to be honored and be fair. We have to trust countries like Russia but verify their deceitful intentions. Communist and Fascists countries look for America to fail and fall. A fair immigration policy is essential irrespective of national origin. Good fences make good neighbors, but building walls to segregate the people of a country is not good diplomacy. I cannot make my neighbor pay for a wall I build to keep him out. Blaming terrorism on a single religion or keeping all Muslims out of the country is not self-serving. We cannot have the Crusades all over again. We cannot stand isolated looking inward on a world stage. A firm but fair foreign policy should eliminate any confusion of our leadership.
You must be aware that you “divide and conquer” just as you did during the election primaries. This method may have worked for your election or business but this is not how you run a country. It was easy for you to speculate in business, take profit or losses, file for bankruptcy when needed and move on. I am confused at the way you run our country like a business and put our lives in suspense. You cannot tell the American Public, “You are fired” when things go wrong.
We can say that to you if things do not get better and less confusing.
You must be aware that a President commands the respect and dignity of this unique office. I am confused at the way you present yourself as President with a combative demeanor, brash language and suspicious attitude of people who disagree with you. A President should bring people, together with consensus and legislate good plans for the country.
As a citizen with my livelihood at stake in your hands, I should not be confused at the direction you are taking our country. We the People want you to succeed. You have the enormous resources of our people, government and private enterprise to back you up. This is a great country and you do not have to re-make it great again.
Thank you for considering my views and eliminating any confusion.

C. R. Prabakaran,
Sterling Hts, MI,
March 18, 2017.

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