Amit Shah slams Congress: Autocracy of one family is in danger

Kaushambi (UP), April 7 (IANS) Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Friday mounted a blistering attack on the Congress saying “not democracy but autocracy of one family is in danger.”
Speaking at the inaugural function of the Kaushambhi Mahotsav, the minister said, “They (Congress) say democracy is in danger. It is not democracy that is in danger, it is your family that is in danger. People do not want the idea of India to remain in danger. The idea of one dynasty, your politics promoting your family is in danger. It is not India’s democracy that is in danger, but the autocracy of your family that is in danger.”
He accused the grand-old-party of plaguing Indian democracy with ‘casteism, dynastic politics, and appeasement’.
“Prime Minister Narendra Modi defeated casteist politics in a way that the SP and the BSP are nowhere to be seen. He defeated dynastic parties and ended appeasement. This is why you (Congress) are scared,” he added.
Commenting on the disqualification of Rahul Gandhi as Lok Sabha member, Shah said, “The (Parliament) session ended yesterday. Never in the history of independent India had the budget session gone without proper discussions and proceedings. Opposition members did not let Parliament function, the reason was Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification as a member.”
He further stated, “The Supreme Court implemented this law with its judgment. Manmohan Singh wanted to amend it to protect Lalu Prasad Yadav, but Rahul stopped him. The Surat Court convicted Rahul and he was disqualified. So far, 17 members have been expelled and the same happened with Rahul. For this, Congress MPs wore black and stalled Parliament proceedings.”
The minister said, “I want to tell Rahul that it’s the duty of all citizens to follow the law and you were a member of Parliament. You can challenge the conviction and approach a court. The country will not forgive you for disrupting Parliament proceedings.”
Referring to Rahul Gandhi’s remarks in London, he said, “You have ample space here, you choose your ground. The BJP will be ready to respond to your remarks.”

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