Amidi: Embroidering for change

New Delhi, March 18 (IANSlife) In a fitting homage to the ongoing commemoration of 30 years of friendship between India and Israel, the Israel Embassy created a special show in collaboration with designer Sahil Kochhar, the European Union, and Khushii to commemorate women coming together for social change.
“Amidi” – infinite, beautiful, and magnificent – was the best way to characterise the women who walked the runway in a stunning capsule collection designed by acclaimed fashion designer Sahil Kochhar complemented their attractiveness. Minister of External Affairs and Culture for India, Meenakshi Lekhi, was also present to encourage and support the endeavour.
“Women and their power to drive social change needs to be celebrated across the different strata of society that they come from,” said H.E. Ambassador Naor Gilon. A woman’s empowerment is the same as a family’s empowerment. Amidi has been able to weave together a lovely story for social change through fashion with this gorgeous fashion exhibition and this incredible gathering of powerful women from many fibres of society.”
Speaking on the occasion, H.E. Ambassador Naor Gilon said, “Women and their power to drive social change needs to be celebrated across the different strata of society that they come from. Empowering a woman is equal to empowering a family. With this beautiful fashion showcase and this incredible group of powerful women coming from different fabrics of society, Amidi has been able to stitch together a beautiful narrative for social change through fashion.”
But this wasn’t your typical fashion show; the runway was transformed into a platform for bringing together women from all walks of life and allowing some of Khushii’s most brilliant ladies to share their inspiring experiences.
Taking centre stage were nine women who with the help of local NGO Khushii, despite their personal setbacks and challenges, have shown a unique determination to become successful and independent. These women are now helping others in their community to become successful and independent as well. Together with them were diplomats from embassies as well as members of the European Union Delegation, walking alongside and applauding their spirit and strength.
Working together on the show has given the young women a great sense of empowerment and the funds raised will further help in empowering and skill building of more girls from across communities.
Talking about the collection, designer Sahil Kochhar said, “I am very happy to come together with the Embassy of Israel for this very special initiative. This collection is personal and unique to me. It is a tribute to womanhood in all its forms coming together to celebrate these very special girls. I hope these young girls feel their very best while walking down the ramp as the stars that they really are.”
The celebration was hosted by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium in his mansion, which was designed by noted Indian artist Satish Gujral and provided the perfect backdrop for the occasion.
About the participating girls from Khushii Foundation
Riya Kumari is one of three siblings and is from Azadpur, Delhi. Currently she is completing her second year from IGNOU. She aspires to be an independent woman who takes care of her family. She is studying towards becoming a nurse.
Hailing from Mukund, Bihar, 23-year-old Ruchi is highly passionate about stitching her own clothes or even suits for others and has trained herself in the art for the last 6 years. Through the constant love and support of her family, Ruchi imparts her knowledge to three students under her wing and hopes to pursue more opportunities in the stitching industry.
Laadli is altruistic in nature. Determined to be able to help others as much as she can while thinking about herself the least, Laadli is a hard- working, sincere child. She has completed a GDA course and is interested in improving her skills in the field of design.
Babita, a 29-year-old woman, first discovered the Khushii NGO while working in an anganwadi. After her marriage, she encountered several problems. She was encouraged to pursue a GDA course. After completing it, she is now interested in working in either the field of nursing or any other field where she can help others. She says she will always want to stay associated with Khushii.
Nisha is interested in the field of tailoring and stitching. She completed a course for the same at Khushii and is looking to gain experience in this industry so that she can explore her interests as well as guide others.
Poonam is curious about everything new that she comes across and is eager to learn more about it. She also took a tailoring course at Khushii to learn more about it.
Manu is currently pursuing an MA from IGNOU. She has also completed a GDA course and is interested in being an independent, working woman so that she can support her mother, the way she supported her.
Kritika has just completed the twelfth grade and has taken an interest in stitching. She is a quick learner and aspires to be an independent working woman.

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