Ambassador Meera Shankar had better options


By Chandrakant Pancholi

New York: Indian Amba-ssador to US Meera Shankar had, if she could have thought intelligently, two better options available and none of them was to meekly obeying to a pat-down search at Jackson airport.

One option was that  she could have refused to get a pat-down — touching off a diplomatic row. In such a case the only thing TSA could have done was not to let her fly. Then, she could have stayed in the city, for a day or two, till the matter was resolved diplomatically and then, enter the same airport triumphantly with newspaper and TV reporters in tow, wearing the same sari or even two saris!

The second option was to get a helicopter to the place where she was staying and fly back, after holding a press conference. The continuous lectures that she was giving about how good the US-India relations were, could have waited for a few days.

Well, but isn’t it too much to expect such an intelligent thinking from most of our diplomats or their staff members, who travel with them in an expensive way, give such a fitting advice!

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