All is not well among 4 coalition partners in Bihar

Patna, June 13 (IANS) The four party coalition government of NDA in Bihar may look to be running smoothly, but their policies and ideologies differ, as they look for every opportunity to score political points either on policy front or incidents having a larger impact on society.
The recent bomb explosion in a Madrasa in Banka district was an example of ideological differences between the BJP and the JDU. A crude bomb explosion in Madrasa claimed one life — Maulana Abdul Monmin on Tuesday (June 8).
After the incident, BJP leader Hari Bhusan Thakur jumped on it and issued statement that may divide society.
“Madrasas are the hub of terrorist activities in Bihar. I strongly demand from the state government to shut all Madrasas in Bihar,” Thakur said.
Moreover, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) also asked Bihar police to hand over an FIR copy of the blast for investigation.
Jitan Ram Manjhi, the former CM of Bihar and president of HAM, quickly retaliated and said that when Muslims study in Madrasa, they are declared as terrorists and when poor dalits raise their voice against wrong doings, they are termed naxals.
“Leaders who are declaring people as terrorists and naxals should come out of such a mindset. It is not good for the unity and sovereignty of the country,” Manjhi said.
“We have a clear stand about thorough investigation in the Banka blast. Now, Banka police clarified that there was no terror link in the Madrasa incident. The bomb which exploded there was crude and there is no evidence of a terror activity or no objectionable documents were recovered from there to prove that it has a terror link,” said Danish Rizwan, the national spokesperson of HAM.
Rajiv Ranjan, the JDU spokesperson also said that the statements given by some leaders before the investigation was completed are extremely unfortunate.
“Such statements may disturb the peace and harmony of the society. Leaders should avoid making politically motivated statements,” Ranjan said without taking the name of a BJP leader.
A BJP leader named Tunna Ji Pandey recently gave a controversial statement against Nitish Kumar and said that he is the circumstantial chief minister of Bihar.
“Nitish Kumar is a circumstantial CM of Bihar. The people of Bihar had given mandate to Tejashwi Yadav. He had stolen the mandate during the assembly election and became chief minister of Bihar,” Pandey said.
Following his statement, Sanjay Singh, the JDU’s chief spokesperson openly warned BJP to avoid crossing the limit.
“We will not listen to anything against our leader Nitish Kumar. We are silent but it does not mean we are weak. We can also speak and speak louder than them. If anyone points finger at our leaders we will strongly respond against them,” Singh said.
“Tunna Ji Pandey was a liquor trader in Bihar. He is angry with Nitish Kumar and making statements against him,” Singh said.
Upendra Kushwaha, the president of JDU parliamentary board and Hindustani Awam Morcha (HAM) chief Jitan Ram Manjhi also slammed BJP for statements against Nitish Kumar.
“If any JDU leader would have given such a statement against top leadership of the BJP in state or at centre, they would make an issue out of it,” Kushwaha said while addressing BJP state president Sanjay Jaiswal.
Kushwaha further said that such a statement was deliberately given by the leaders on the direction of BJP top leadership sitting in Delhi.
Amid the Corona crisis, Nitish Kumar imposed a night curfew in Bihar in the first week of April this year.
Sanjay Jaiswal, the BJP state president raised questions on night curfew soon after it was announced. He said that it will not help fight the pandemic in the state.
“In current circumstances, the Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in Bihar and night curfew cannot help bring the situation under control. We have to make efforts in a positive direction to break the chain of the virus,” Jaiswal said.
“The Bihar government has taken several good decisions which are required to deal with the crisis. I am not a specialist but I cannot understand how night curfew will help reduce the spread of the virus in Bihar,” Jaiswal said.
Samrat Chaudhary, the Panchayati Raj minister and BJP MLC also slammed Nitish Kumar government after the death of former education minister Mewalal Chaudhary.
“The health infrastructure of Bihar has completely collapsed. If this government would not save the lives of MLA or MPs in the state then imagine what would happen to common man,” Chaudhary said.

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