Air India pilots say no to pre-flight Covid tests during offs and rest period

New Delhi, Dec 30 (IANS) The Air India pilots’ associations have asked their members “not to accept any duty during weekly offs and rest period” including undertaking pre-flight Covid tests.
Indian Pilots Guild and Indian Commercial Pilots’ Association, in a letter to Capt. R. S. Sandhu, Director (Operations), Air India said, “It has been brought to our notice that pilots are frequently being planned for COVID tests during their weekly offs or post-flight rest periods. As you are aware, any task that flight crew members are required by the operator to perform… is clearly defined as Duty in the DGCA FDTL CAR and the current Air India Flight Crew FDTL Scheme. This practice therefore represents a flagrant violation and must be discontinued immediately”.
“We hereby request you to inform the concerned departments to strictly abide by the Air India FDTL Scheme and not infringe upon ‘uninterrupted rest.’ We are accordingly directing our members to ensure strict compliance, i.e “Not to accept any duty during weekly offs & rest period”. This includes preflight Covid Testing”, they said in the letter.
Pilots have warned they will take recourse if any pilot is coerced. “If we find any pilot irrespective of grade/designation being coerced to violate Air India FDTL Scheme, we will be forced to seek recourse as well as lodge a formal complaint with the concerned agencies”, they said.

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