AI flight with Aviation minister onboard delayed, three suspended

New Delhi: Three staff members were suspended and a warning letter was issued to the pilot of Air India airlines after they reached late for their duty and delayed a flight by one-and-half hour.
Over 100 passengers were onboard, including Minister of Civil Aviation P Ashok Gajapathi Raju, who faced the heat of the agitated passengers.
The incident came to light on December 13 when the Air India flight from Delhi to Vijaywada was late by around 1.30 hours.
β€œThe flight was scheduled at 6 am from Delhi but after getting delayed for around 1.30 hrs it finally took off for Vijaywada. Air India took action against the three staffers who have been suspended and a warning letter has been issued to the captain for reaching the airport late,” Air India Spokesperson GP Rao said while confirming the incident.
According to the Air India sources, the pilots had reported late for the duty leaving the waiting passengers furious.
The passengers then reached co-passenger Aviation Minister Raju, who was sitting in the business class section and was on his way to Vijaywada, asking him about the delay.
Raju immediately contacted the airlines security and asked the newly appointed Air India Chairman and Managing Director Pradeep Singh Kharola the reason behind the delay, after which action was taken.

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