‘Aghori Sanyasis’ to take part in ‘Maha Kali Yagam’ in Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram, Feb 20 (IANS) A congregation of ‘Aghori Sanyasis’ will participate in the ‘Maha Kali Yagam’ to be held in Thiruvananthapuram from May 6 to 16 at the Balabhadra temple.
The Yagya, according to the organisers, will be attended by prominent people in the country, including Union Ministers, Chief Ministers and several delegates from both India and abroad.
The organisers said the Maha Kali Yagam is being held for the prosperity and peace of the society and that it will transform the society for good.
Anand Nair, Chief Coordinator of Mahakali Yaga and All India General Secretary of Mahakal Bhairava Akhada, told IANS, “Aghori sanyasis are coming for the first time in south India to participate in the Maha Kali Yagam. The Aghori cult has more than 5,000 years of lineage in India. The presence of this sanyasi group will elevate the yagya to a different level.”
Sanyasi groups from across the country are participating in the Maha Kali Yagam and Ramachandra Adiga, the chief priest of Mookambika temple, is the main ‘acharya’ of the Yagya.
The deity of Pournamikavu Balabhadra temple where the Maha Kali Yaga will be held, according to local people, is the family deity of the ‘Ayi kings’ that ruled south India.
M.S. Bhuvanachandran, Chief patron of the Pournamikavu Balbhadra temple and prominent Thiruvananthapuram-based social activist, said, “We are expecting lakhs of people to participate in the Maha Kali Yaga to be held from May 6-16. The Yagya is being held for the overall prosperity and well-being of the society and as mentioned earlier the Aghori cult of sanyasis is participating for the first time in such a Maha yagya in south India and this is the main attraction for this Yagya.”

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