After 10-year wait, Kannada movie ‘Man of the Match’ to open its inning

Bengaluru, May 4 (IANS)
Talk of perseverance and Kannada movie, ‘Man of the Match’ could certainly make for an epic drama. Although the movie is his third directorial venture, D. Satyaprakash had come up with the central idea for the movie almost a decade ago.
Speaking to IANS, Satyaprakash said that scripting and execution turned out to be the challenge.
“I came up with this idea in my mind long before I directed my first two movies, ‘Rama Rama Re’ and ‘Ondalla Eradu’. Although it’s a strong idea, I wasn’t happy with the screenplay. I went ahead with my other projects and put ‘Man of the Match’ on the backburner for almost 10 years. Scripting and technical execution are very difficult for such concepts. But given my experiences over the last 10 years, and perhaps the increased maturity levels, I finally took it up in 2020.”
Satyaprakash said the encouragement from late Puneet Rajkumar gave him the confidence to take up the movie which revolves around a movie audition.
“The entire movie deals with human values. That’s why I named it as ‘Man of the Match’. Each person goes out every day to win the game of life. But any victory is sweet only when it is achieved with values. This is the concept of the movie,” he elaborated.
“At a time when high-glitz productions are the norm, ‘Man of the Match’ could well be a trailblazer. The entire movie has been shot on a single set with almost 90 percent of the cast being newcomers,” said Satyaprakash.
“Although the six main actors in the movie are newcomers apart from most of the other actors, I didn’t find it difficult because in my previous movies also I have worked mostly with newcomers. It’s quite easy actually to work with them,” he claims.
‘Man of the Match’ releases on Amazon Prime on May 5. The movie is a part of Prime Video’s multi-film announcement with PRK Productions available exclusively for Prime Members worldwide. The three-film announcement is an ode to the craft and legacy of the late actor and filmmaker Puneeth Rajkumar whose contribution to cinema stands unmatched. ‘One Cut Two Cut’ and ‘Family Pack’ are the two films that have been released earlier.

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