Additi Gupta Regrets Yelling At Her Hairdresser

As reported earlier that Additi Gupta who is seen in Zee TV’s ‘Sanjog Se Bani Sangini’ gets irritated when asked to wear a heavy costume and recently in the sequence of Pihu’s wedding, she was asked to wear such a heavy costume which was a terrible problem for her to carry it.

But as the scene demanded, she had done with that costume. As the costume was not comfortable, her temper was somehow not with her and Additi failed to keep control on her temper. Talking about her lost temper Additi says, “It was horrible to wear such a heavy costume and extension to hair, I was totally irritated as the track was going on for past two days.”

“But everyone used to pamper me when I was in the costume because it was really very unmanageable to handle the costume for whole day and in that irritation, I use to scold my poor hairdresser. As whenever I feel uncomfortable with the hair or with the dress, I use to yell at her for making me more uncomfortable.” added Additi Gupta.

Additi, it was only the hairdresser or the whole unit who had tolerated you in these two days? “Actually it was every one from the sets. As I get hyper immediately if I don’t get anything on time or if I feel irritated with some thing and for that I can’t control myself, so to make me cool down, the whole unit use to come to settle me. They use to pamper me and all of them behaved very sweetly with me. But my poor hair dresser was the one to take my scolding each time. I feel sorry for her that she was the one who used to get the scolding due to my irritation,” clears Additi.

That’s appreciating Additi, as you are the one to confess about the yelling at your hairdresser, isn’t it?

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