Accident-prone street covered in bubble wrap

A street identified as being the most accident prone in the UK, has been covered in bubble wrap to help protect residents from harming themselves.

Somerville Road in Worcester is said to have racked up an average of 10 insurance claims a year for the last 10 years.
As such an insurance company decided to wrap it in over 1,500sq metres of bubble wrap in a bid to raise safety awareness.

Everything from cars and house frontages to bikes, gnomes and shrubs were  wrapped up. One dog looked very confused to see his kennel had even been covered.

A spokesperson for said: “The recent freezing temperatures have turned roads across the country into treacherous territory and with the unsettled weather expected to continue, motor insurance is expected to soar.

“In times of need, we bubble-wrap all our little breakables to keep them safe and sound — so why not a whole street?”

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