Who We Are

Delivering Trusted News for Over 25 Years: India Tribune's Commitment to Authentic Journalism

With a legacy spanning over 45 years, India Tribune stands as a beacon of integrity and excellence in journalism. From its humble beginnings in 1977 in Chicago, under the visionary leadership of publisher Prashant Shah, it has evolved into a dynamic bi-weekly newspaper serving the Asian Indian community across the USA. Our commitment to serving our readership extends beyond print, with a robust Digital Edition reaching over 150,000 subscribers via email, and a growing presence on digital and social media platforms.



Meet Our Team

Prashant Shah – Publisher

Prashant, a chemist by education, came to the USA in 1971 to study chemical engineering at Indiana Institute of Technology, Fort Wayne, Indiana. He later moved to Chicago, where he saw the need for a quality newspaper for the Chicago Indian community. This idea had motivated him to start India Tribune in 1977. As the publisher, Prashant takes care of marketing and all financial matters.

About Us

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